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How To Apply Strip Lashes - 8 Simple Illustrated Steps!

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Here are eight simple steps to follow that illustrate exactly how easy it is to apply strip mink eyelashes. You will need the following:

• Scissors
• Mascara
• Eyelash curler
• Duo eyelash glue
• Eyelash applicator or a pointed tweezer
• Your Flutterfluff mink eyelashes!

1- Measure your strip lashes against your own lash line
2- If the lashes are too wide for your eyes, trim the excess lashes one lash at a time from the outer corner only until you have the right size
3- Curl your lashes
4- Apply mascara to your lashes
5- Apply a thin line of lash glue and wait 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky
6- Place the lashes as close to your lash line as possible with your lash applicator or pointed tweezer
7- Use your fingers to press on the two outer corners of the strip to secure them to your lid
8- Enjoy your long, natural-looking, thick, whispy Flutterfluff lashes and don't forget to remove them before you go to bed!

Now watch our short video for these step by step illustrations and instructions: